Jump Start Your Business

Jump Start Your Business

In this market environment you need a laser sharp focus on where you allocate your sales resources. A well thought out sales plan can make the difference between success and failure.

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Create Effective Marketing Plans

Creating a sustainable competitive advantage

Stand out from the competition! Create long lasting strategies that create a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales force.

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Strategic Planning

Strategy and Transformation

We work with you to develop and execute strategic initiatives that thoughtfully reflect your vision for the future.

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In this market environment you need a laser sharp focus on where you allocate your marketing resources. A well thought out marketing plan can make the difference between success and failure.

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"Growth Specialist For The Financial Services Industry"

Our Advantage – Our Resources, People, Approach & Guarantee!

We have unparalleled access to business resources, leading industry experts and proven processes that have been refined over the years. All of these advantages are supported by a full money back guarantee.

Our Resources

We have  a portfolio of businesses that we draw upon to develop innovative solutions for our clients. These resources include one of the largest online business owner community which has thousands of members. Business owners gather there to share insights, problems and solutions. We also conduct industry research to help benchmark financial data and pinpoint opportunities for dramitic profit improvements.

For those businesses that want to solve and implement their own solutions we offer over 3000 business products including business planning tools, business policies and procedures, analytical software and much more. These are proven tools that have been developed and refined over time through our consulting engagements and through client feedback.

Our People

Each of our lead consultants has over 25 years of business and consulting experience. We have an unrelenting passion to exceed client expectations at every turn. This pursuit of excellence is an ongoing ambition that involves four core principles that guide our every action:


Take a Practical Approach – Business People with Consulting Knowledge 

We are business people first, we look through the lense of a CEO to create tools and solutions. We believe that our business experience coupled with our consulting background allows us to develop practical solutions and actionable advice.


Adhere to the Highest Professional Standards 

Our reputation is our most important asset. We uphold and engage in ethical behavior in all circumstances. We do the right thing with conviction, candor, compassion and courage. Integrity is our highest ideal, which we implement each day through our actions and honest communication.


Improve our Client’s Performance Significantly

We aim to help businesses make significant improvements to their overall performance by tackling their most challenging issues. We do so by providing tools, resources and knowledge that provides our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage.


Build Capacity and Empower Our Clients

In each consulting engagement we seek to leave behind valuable tools, structures, skills and knowledge that are embedded in the fabric of the client organization.

Our Approach

Our approach to business consulting is process based. All projects are prepared in a systematic, and thoughtful manner to ensure they are completed on time, within budget and to our client’s complete satisfaction. We have adapted models and processes used by the large consulting firms for today’s small and midsized businesses. Each model is developed using industry best practices and proven techniques which results in meaningful improvements for our clients.

Our Guarantee

At Peak Strategy, we partner with our clients on a project basis. After a thorough and confidential review of your situation, we develop a comprehensive proposal that outlines a road map for “solving the problem.” This road map includes specific action steps to be taken by us, and anticipated resources needed from you, and expected project results. The entire project is then quoted at a fixed price (typically, exclusive of out-of-town travel expenses) with a known timeline. By pricing our services fairly and on a project basis, you never need to worry about the cost of calling us to ask a question, or of making ad hoc requests while we’re on-site. We’re never “on the clock” … so using our services is easy and cost-effective.

To help you feel comfortable that you are getting the best professional services available, Peak Strategy guarantees its work. If we do not meet the objectives we’ve agreed to in the project plan, and cannot meet them after we attempt to correct the shortcoming, Peak Strategy will refund our full professional fee. This is our commitment to you, our partner.  We feel comfortable making this guarantee because of the value we deliver, our satisfied clients and to date, no client has ever requested a refund.

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